Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quote of The Day #4

Hey, folks. Thanks for taking the time to read the new entry.

Today's quote comes from the mind of Seattle grunge band Nirvana's front-man Kurt Cobain.

"I'm not a death rocker, and I don't wear black."

The way I interpret this quote is... We're not always as we appear. A little more than that, actually, 'cause that just seems pretty obvious.

I should show you, for the sake of context, just how Kurt Cobain looked.

So sure, he played some really heavy, depressing music, and he wore black, but that didn't make him a death rocker who wore black.

The reason this specific quote caught my eye is because I see this specific idea in action so often. And to me, this quote means more than what's on the outside not always what's on the inside, because that's as overused as the "golden rule". What if this is more of complete misunderstanding of one's self? Karl Marx himself once said he wasn't a Marxist. What if Cobain was a death rocker who wore black, but wasn't really a death rocker who wore black? I'm kind of improvising here, which inspired me to write my own quote to close today's entry.

"What you are isn't always WHO you are" - PrettyCoolGuy.



  1. I think this is more of a critic to the common social labels people always tries to get you in.

  2. Completely agree with that, people want to label everything. I have friends who listen to all kinds of rock and you can't tell by looking at them.

  3. I was actually trying to use that idea to get the "what you are isn't always who you are" point across.

  4. Very true, and to be fair, that's probably the 'darkest' picture of Kurt I've ever seen =p